The Growing Place is incorporated as a not-for-profit spiritual and educational institution. It is our intent to share a number of venues that can aid in the attainment of purpose, Self-Knowledge, and/or God-Realization.

The Growing Place is not a membership activity. Your participation in any of the activities should be from a place of deep spiritual thirst in order to learn more about yourself, and from a place of desire to be about your spiritual path.

You stand on the precipice of a most remarkable time in human history. This epoch is characterized by accelerated technological advancements, social change, vast emotional upheavals, increased intellectual input, and soul awakenings throughout the planet. As each day passes you are expected to not only keep up with the shifting trends in your school and work environment, but you are looked upon to come up with answers, and also to help maintain a measure of peace and harmony in your environment.

Those who choose to participate in their purpose from a higher spiritual place are charged with the task of living intuitively, maintaining clear motives, and continually demonstrating Self-knowledge. This in itself is a remarkable feat without the added element of your desire to evolve to the highest possible level while in the physical body.


Sharon and Patrick O'Hara founded The Growing Place in 1976, in Honolulu, Hawaii. They both received initiations into a multitude of worldwide spiritual practices. Sharon and Patrick emerged as an embodiment of the internal integration of those spiritual initiations which were bestowed on them by world spiritual leaders. Their worldly and spiritual experiences have allowed them to embrace the beauty and elegance in a variety of spiritual philosophies. Through The Growing Place they have visited many areas throughout the world sharing information and wisdom on the attainment of Self-Actualization and God-Realization.

Sharon does not give medical or healthcare advice.

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